True Crime

Taylor Skuhr and Adam Davey bring you two true crime stories every Tuesday morning. Murders, kidnappings, cults, conspiracy theories, serial killers, you name it, they cover it. Providing you with a light spin on some of the darkest stories you can find.


August 30, 2020

Ep 1: Cassie Jo Stoddart & Michael Madison


Ep 2: Paul Wilson & The Whitaker Family,


Ep 3: Angela Diaz & Joe Metheny


Ep 4: The Crossbow Cannibal & The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Stuff You Should Know podcast: The Dyatlov Pass Mystery


Episode 5: The Sifrits & Ariel Castro

Episode 6: James Fairweather & The Granny Ripper

Episode 10: Carole Baskin & Lizzie Borden
Tiger King: Episode 3
YouTube: They Got Away With Murder: Mercury Rising: The Tale of Lizzie Borden
Episode 11: Slender Man Stabbing & The Ken and Barbie Killers

Episode 12: Ronald Clark O'Bryan & The Toolbox Killers


Episode 13: Maddy Scott & Ivan Milat


Episode 15: Dee Dee Blanchard & Rod Ferrell

Episode 16: Michelle Carter
HBO: I love you, now die
Episode 17: Peter Manuel & Vince Li
Episode 18: Amanda Knox 
Netflix: Amanda Knox
Episode 19: Vickie Dawn Jackson & Anders Breivik
Episode 20: Christa Worthington
Episode 21: Erin Caffey & 3 Million Dollars of Spilled Coffee

Episode 22: Casey Anthony
Hulu- Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery
Episode 23:  The Covina Massacre & Susan Powell
ABC 20/20: If Something Happens To Me
Episode 24: Katherine Knight & Jasmine Richardson
Episode 25: Video Game Murders?
Episode 26: OJ Simpson
Amazon Prime: OJ Trial of the Century
Episode 27: Sasebo Slashing
Episode 29: Aileen Wuornos
Episode 30: Brian Shaffer
Episode 31: Kendrick Johnson
Episode 32: Jack Unterweger
Episode 33: Takahiro Shiraishi
Episode 34: DC Mansion Murders
Episode 35: Lori Kay Soares Hacking
Episode 36: Kristin Smart
Episode 37: John Wayne Gacy
Episodes 38 & 39: Phoebe Handsjuk
Phoebe's Fall Podcast
Episode 40: Most gruesome yet: Junko Furuta
Rotten Mango Podcast: 44 Days of Hell
Episode 41: Charles Sobhraj aka the Serpent 
Netflix: The Serpent
Episode 42: Kayla Atkinson
ID Channel: Home Alone- Behind The Shower Curtain
Episode 43: Son of Sam(s?)
Netflix: Sons of Sam
Episode 44: Hannah Graham & Morgan Harrington
Episode 45: Find Angela Green
All information was provided by family member Michelle Guo

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